Saturday, August 23, 2014

New Vintage Arrivals: Aug 23

Alice Cooper, The Alice Cooper Show
Allman Brothers Band, Idlewild Sout
Beach Boys, Endless Summer
Beatles, White Album
Beatles, Magical Mystery Tour
Beatles, Something New (stereo)
Beatles, Help!
Billie Bragg, Life's a Riot Between the Wars
Blondie, Parallel Lines
Blues Caravan, s/t
Bootsy Collins, Ultra Wave
Bruce Springsteen, Born to Run
Bruce Springsteen, Born in the USA
Bruce Springsteen, Greeting form Asbury Park, NJ
Buggs, Beetle Beat
Carole King, Tapestry
Carole King, Really Rosie
CCR, Green River
CCR, Bayou Country
David Bowie, Let's Dance
Dead Kennedys, Plastic Surgery Disasters
Doors, Classics
Doors, Waiting for the Sun
Edith Piaf, Un Souvenir
Edith Piaf. s/t (Pathe)
Ella Fitzgerald, Sings the Gershwin Songbook vol 1
Ella Fitzgerald, Rhythm is My Business
Eric Clapton, 461 Ocean Boulevard
Frank Sinatra, Swingin Sessions
Frank Sinatra, Nice and Easy
Hall and Oates, Bigger Than Both of Us
Hugo Montenegro, Music From A Fistful of Dollars (Morricone)
Hugo Montenegro, Come Spy With Me
John Lennon, The John Lennon Collection
John Lennon, Mind Games
John Lennon, Plastic Ono Band
John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band, Live Peace in Toronto 1969
Joni Mitchell, Clouds
Joni Mitchel, Miles of Aisle
Kazdin/Shepherd, Everything You Ever Wanted to Hear on the Moog
Led Zeppelin, Coda
Led Zeppelin, IV
Led Zeppelin, Physical Graffitti
Lionel Hampton, Swing Classics
Lionel Hampton, Many-Splendored Vibes
Matthew Sweet, 100% Fun
Michael JAckson, Thriller
Nancy Sinatra, Boots
Nat King Cole, The Very Thought of You
Nilsson, Nilsson Schmilsson
Queen, The Works
Queen, News of the World
Quicksilver Messenger Service, Revolution Soundtrack
Ray Charles, Modern Sounds in Country & Western Music II
Ray Charles, Sweet & Sour Tears
Ray Charles, Live in Concert
Ringo Starr, Goodnight Vienna
Ringo Starr, Ringo's Rotogravure
Ringo Starr, Beaucoup of Blues
Ringo Star, Sentimental Journey
Robin Williams, Realit What a Concept
Rush, 2112
Sesame Street, Love
Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Scream
Smiths, Meat is Murder
Van Der Graaf Generator, Pawn Hearts
Various, Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack
Wings, At The Speed of Sound
Yes, Close to the Edge
ZZ Top, Rio Grande Mud

and many more