Friday, October 14, 2011

Anne Taintor Cards in Guelph

Chat Noir has a large selection of Anne Taintor cards and gifts, including magnets, post-it notes, lugggage tags, coin purses, lip balms, shotglasses and flasks, coasters, and more!

Anne Taintor -- Vintage Revisited is the original vintage humour company. Their logo, "Making Smart People Smile Since 1985" is a very good description of their droll, witty re-imaginings of classic advertising art and photos, with a modern edge. We are thrilled to have these great, funny gifts in our shop.

Anne Taintor cards are priced at a very economical $3.75

...and check out these other fun items:

Our strong (and very funny) magnets are individually bagged for gift giving. 3 3/8"sq

Miss Taintor Mini Tissues. Miss Taintor will want to have these adorable 3 inch cubes filled with 30 unscented 2-ply facial tissues on her desk, in her car, and in every room of her house!
3"w x 3"h x 3"d

Classic Coin Purses. Change is good; keep yours in these fully-lined matte vinyl Coin Purses, featuring kiss closures...and extremely witty captions. 3"w x 4"h x 1"d.

Classic Coasters. The perfect hostess gift (especially paired with our brand-new Shot Glasses -Coming Soon!) and a sure-fire conversation starter! Each set of six reusable Coasters includes two each of three designs.

Includes two each of "You be Thelma. I'll be Louise.", "let's ignore our mothers' well-meant advice", "looking for trouble? look no further..."

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