Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lava Lamps in Guelph

We now have Lava Lamps at Royal Cat Records!

Lava is the core of the light. Our lamp is filled with our hypnotizing mesmerizing lava blob-atude. Lava Lamp measures 16 1/4 with a silver/aluminum base, blue liquid with yellow/green wax (or red/purple liquid with yellow wax). Stands 16 1/4-Inches tall. Includes bulb. Cool oozing motion. Great conversation piece!! $39.95

(Also available: 14.5 inch versions in pink, blue, green, and red for $29.95!)

Hypnotizing and Invigorating
The original shape of cool, the Premiere-Class Lava Lamp from Lava is just as stylish today as it was fifty years ago. With the slow rise and fall of lava-like blobs of various sizes and shapes, this funky blast from the past can hypnotize and invigorate. Use it to rev up or wind down, depending on your mood.

Lighting Effects Make the Space
Lava Lamp can add special effects to your study, den, office, living room, family room, dorm room, party room, or hang-out space. Jump start a party with the cool look of yellow wax globules floating in purple liquid, or use the slow motions of the lava to relax and quiet down after a long day of work. The eye-catching Royal Lava Lamp can also add a unique accent to built-ins, reading nooks, and dark corners.

Fun For Everyone
The well-known shape and trademark look of the Lava Lamp is bound to get adults reminiscing. Once you turn it on, this lava lamp will have your friends sharing their fond lava lamp memories.

How It Works
Measuring 16.3 inches tall, this lava lamp heats up with the help of a pre-installed 25-watt incandescent light bulb. Once hot, the yellow wax will slowly rise and fall, gradually turning orange in the purple liquid, creating the familiar retro lava effect.

What's in the Box
Premiere 16.3-Inch Lava Lamp with coloured wax and liquid, aluminum base and cap, and 25-watt incandescent light bulb. The technology is simple, the effect timeless.

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