Thursday, June 26, 2014

Metal Mayhem: New Vintage Arrivals

Yikes! We just got a totally gnarly collection of 80s punk and metal records in the shop. Some rare gems in this pile!

Abattoir, Vicious Attack (Banzai 1944)
Anti-Nowhere League, Long Live the League
Bathory, s/t (Banzai)
Carnivore, Carnivore s/t (Attic/Roadrunner)
Carnivore, Retaliation (Roadrunner)
Cronos, Dancing in the Fire (Neat 1048)
Cockney Rejects, Greatest Hits Vol II
Dramatis, For Future Reference
GBH, City Baby Attacked by Rats
GBH, City Babys Revenge: 101 Ways to Kill a Rat
GBH, Midnight Madness and Beyond
GBH, No Need to Panic
GWAR, Hell-o (Shimmy-Disc)
Iron Maiden, Can I Play With Madness ep
Iron Maiden, Women in Uniform ep
KISS, Music From "The Elder"
Mantas, Deceiver EP (Neat 6012)
Mantas, Winds of Change (Neat/Roadrunner)
Merciful Fate, Don't Break the Oath (Roadrunner)
Motlley Crue, Helter Skelter picture disc
Running Wild, Branded and Exiled (Banzai BRC 1958)
Running Wild, Gates to Purgatory (Viper/Attic VPR 105)
Toxic Reasons, Within These Walls
Venom, Black Metal (Banzai)
Venom, Calm Before the Storm (Filmtrax Moment 115)
Venom, Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (Neat 1032)
Venom, From Hell to the Unknown (2LP Raw 001)
Venom, Hell At Hammersmith ep
Venom, Live Official Bootleg (APK 12)
Venom, Possessed (Banzai)
Venom, Prime Evil (Under One Flag)
Venom, Welcome to Hell (Neat 1002)
Venom, Tear Your Soul Apart (MFLAG 50)
Venom, Manitou b/w Woman (devil's head picture disc single)
Warfare, Pure Filth (BRC 1923)
Warfare, Metal Anarchy (Neat 1029)
WASP, s/t
WASP, The Last Command
WASP, Inside the Electric Circus
WASP, I Don't Need No Doctor live ep
Wendy O Williams / Plasmatics, Beyond the Valley of 1984 (PVC 8929)
Wendy O Williams / Plasmatics, Maggots
Wendy O Williams, s/t (picture disc Music For Nations/Passport Records MFNP 24)

Various, The Return of the Living Dead (Original Soundtrack)

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