Tuesday, December 8, 2015

25 Holiday Records: 18: Rocky Mountain Christmas by Bob Denver

We're counting down to Christmas Day with a list of 25 records we have in the shop at Royal Cat Records! Why? Because vinyl rules!

Our next record is a soft-country megahit!


Rocky Mountain Christmas
by Bob Denver
RCA Victor

Bob Denver is one of those performers whose records seem to clutter-up cheapo bins and awful record collections everywhere. Everythime we buy a collection of old records, somehow one or two Bob Denver records sneak in to the shop. He was super popular nice, and even recorded some good songs. He was also in movies with The Muppets and George Burns!

In 1975 he made a TV special called Rocky Mountain Christmas, the title being a reference to his 1972 hit song, "Rocky Mountain High." The special was actually set inside a dome in the Rockies where Denver gave a typically low-key, heartwarming concert. It was even nominated for a trio of Emmys!

Watch the video or buy a copy of the record from us. We've always got a few around!

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